These brochures are written by Pastor Ken Buttermore.  They are in PDF files that you are welcome to download and use.
They are formatted to be printed front-to-back and tri-folded.

10 Suggestions for Helping Your Children Worship
It is our heartfelt prayer that your children will come as participants in worship of our great God.

Baptism Thoughts
An overview of what the Bible says about baptism, and the various views among professing Christians.

Some history lessons and some Biblical truths to help deal with cancer.

Death and the Next Life
The Bible teaches that beyond this life there are but two destinations: with Jesus or without Jesus.

Depression and Hope
Depression is certainly something people, even people close to God, experience from time to time.

Dust or Ashes?
Does the Bible have anything to say about burial verses cremation?

God Loves You
A reissuing of the evangelistic call.

We say to God, “Thy will be done.”  Or else God says to us, “thy will be done,” and we get hell.

Living Together
Bible verses and 25 points regarding living together outside of marriage.

Scripture and help for one caught in it’s web.

Spiritual Warfare
We are called to take position in the ranks of God’s army.

The Bible: believable?
A 21-gun salute to the greatest book ever.

The Bible: 66 only?
Why should I accept only the 66 books? How did it move from God, to scribes, to me?

Tongues Talk
Some truths on the use of tongues.

God’s call to all men everywhere is to submit to Him and be spared.