In 2016 we had a great time with Dinosaur Days, so this year in anticipation of the total solar eclipse happening (August 21st) so close to Gretna, we decided to bring out some new scientists and talk about the eclipse and space and more!

Dr. Don DeYoung from Grace College and Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, IN will be teaching. On Saturday for the carnival we will have Brian Young here from Creation Instruction to do some teaching and some fun science experiments! If you enjoyed Dinosaur Days,  you will love Space Days!

Wednesday, August 16, 7pm:  Current Events in Astronomy and Creation with Dr. DeYoung
Thursday, August 17, 7pm:  A Walk through the Creation Week with Dr. DeYoung
Friday, August 18, 7pm:  Q & A on the Bible and Science with Dr. DeYoung
Saturday, August 19, 1-5pm:  Carnival with free food, music, bounce houses, petting zoo, and science sessions with Brian Young

All events are offered free of charge. We will not be asking for nor accepting donations.

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