Our Beliefs

The Bible is 66 books only, fully inspired by God, and our final authority.

God is one yet three, without beginning or end; infinite in knowledge, presence and power; personal; and King over all.

Jesus is fully God and fully man, paid our sin debt completely at Calvary, is helping us from Heaven today, and is coming back to earth to rule.

The Holy Spirit is fully God; holds back evil; calls the non-saved to Jesus; baptizes, indwells, sanctifies & seals believers.

Man is created in the image of God, by personal sin is helpless, is personally responsible, and faces eternity in hell without submitting to Jesus.

Salvation is only in the completed work of Jesus at Calvary, must be received by faith alone, is evidenced by changes such as baptism, and is eternal for all believers.

Christianity is a love of the Bible, believers & the church; a battle against the natural tendencies, the world’s way and Satan; a gradual transforming of the mind; and a call to represent Jesus to the world.

The Church is designed and controlled by God, mandatory for obedience, a place to serve and to be served, essential for growth and victory, and one day will meet Jesus in the sky.

Future things are a period of horrific trouble on earth for 7 years, the 2nd coming of Jesus with the church, the 1000 year reign of Jesus on earth, and the re-creation of the universe to a sinless state.